Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools from the past paid off in the future

See the lovely book I won -

Its from a "contest" from Posie Gets Cozy, a blog I really enjoy. Alicia (blog and book author) asked for funny enagement stories and mine was Number 5 of 10 selected from nearly 400 entries.

Here is my story as titled by Alicia:

Note to Self: Check Calendar First

We got engaged after my exams at the end of second year and phoned home all excited and giddy to let my mother know our good news. She had a strange reaction - was not pleased at all. She told me to stop with the joking around and that it was not funny.

I insisted we were serious and she said,"So this is not an April Fools joke?" and I thought,"OMG is it April 1st ?" and then I turned to my boyfriend and said, "April Fools"? feeling suddenly sick and that maybe he was pulling a joke on me. He mistook my reaction and said "April Fools!!!" looking stricken, thinking I was telling him that my acceptance had been a joke. But then I really thought he was pulling a very unfunny joke on me.

Both of us thought the other was fooling around. It was terribly confusing, sort of like an Abbott and Costello routine. We sorted it out eventually, but everyone we told also thought it was a joke.

No one believed us...Do not get engaged or tell people about it on April 1st. But most people know that don't they!!!

Go on over and check out Posie gets Cosy for the other funny stories - I really like the dog and weiner story!!