Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Children Were Harmed in taking This Photo

Pat's chores are feeding the dog, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning his room and vacuuming the stairs. He is great at feeding the dog, fairly good at the dishwasher, not good at cleaning his room and LOVES to use the handheld dustbuster on the stairs. There is always some kind of role playing that goes along with the vacuuming. Today I found him lying upside down doing the vacuuming!!! What is that about??? What an inventive kid - he thought it would be fun. LOVE HIM

Oh yeah his pants are really that short on him - he has grown another 4 inches in the blink of an eye.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap #8

I am making a small quilt as part of a swap - I know who I am sending a quilt too but don't know who is sending a quilt to me from amongst the 160 swappers. People post a bit about what they like and post their progress on quilts they are making and its a fun (and funny) community of quilters. I am having a lot of fun creating a colour wheel quilt for my partner. I have admired the colour wheel quilt posted in Purl and did some research on dresden plate quilt blocks. I made a template from a book and guessed at how many strips to make and then I found this post from Kristen and she worked out the math - luckily I was close in my guesstimating. Wonder why I did not think about math to figure it out LOL. I love rainbows and enjoyed picking out fabric to try out. Luckily I had a good selection of scraps to choose from thanks to the Pork Chop Swap swap with some of the Old Red Barn Company quilters.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks for all the Quilty Fabric

I won four fat quarters from Allison at in the Sew Mama Sew Christmas Giveaway. I really admired the pink flowers on the aqua background in the picture on her blog and that is what stuck in my mind and what I thought I won. So I was surprised and pleased that I won 3 other fat quarters which at least one if not all by Urban Chiks. Thanks Allison for your generousity.

My lovely bloggy friend Marguerite from England surprised me with a big piece of strawberry fairy fabric mix from the flower fairies series. It was delightful to come home after a month away and find this thoughtful gift and a lovely felt heart. Thanks so much Marg - get well soon.

I am making 2 pink blocks for Dana's quilts to promote breast cancer awareness. Fabric strips from from my fabric swap partners will go into one block and a large pink flower and pink ribbons will go into the other block.

Absolutely lovely fabric "scraps" were sent to me by 8 lovely ladies in Flossie's Pork Chop Swap and I want to use some for some string blocks and some to make a cover for my sewing machine.

Really am so very grateful for the internet quilting community of generous women and men.

PS the forsythia in the photo was picked from my garden this morning!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's Up?

We had a lovely Christmas and travelled to Toronto so that we could spend the holidays with most of our children - Matthew was in Edinburgh, Scotland. Everyone enjoyed their presents and we ate too much good food. We took a family trip to the CN Tower which Pat had never been up and the pic of Val holding onto Pat warms my heart.

We stayed in our Toronto house and I was struck again by how much I love that house. It is a lovely Arts and Crafts house that Devon did a lot of work on renovating and putting a new kitchen and bathroom. The spaces in it are lovely and the location in the Beaches neighbourhood is perfect. I must have gone on a bit much about how great the house is because every time I said something nice about it Ian would bring up something great about Vancouver. I was not comparing just enjoying. Unfortunately our tenants did not leave the house in the best shape and so we (mostly Devon) have been doing a lot of small repairs and fix ups. We had a housecleaner in and Ian spent two days cleaning up the yard. Devon has to repaint the basement floor but did get the walls repainted. We had our favourite painter Spiros in to repaint the halls and will get the floors buffed up. Alexander was going to help, but got sick and then Devon got sick so I am staying on a few extra days to help "supervise".

Yeah!! I did get Caitlin's quilt finished and when we took her back to University she put it right away on her bed. She is really pleased with it and so am I. I have also made a lot of progress on Devon's wonky block square and am feeling good about that. I have the material for the circle quilt but the leader has been ill and has not posted yet the instructions I need. I am appreciating the delay though as I can get better caught up on my other quilts. I just have to quilt Pat's and after finishing Cait's I feel so much more confident about the quilting part. I have joined DQS8 which is a quilt swap of small quilts and I am looking forward to making a small quilt and really taking care of getting it right. We will find out who our partner is shortly and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation building. The quilt needs to be posted in early March and that works well for me.