Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DQS 9 Doll Quilt Swap Edition 9

The fun has begun! There are 200 participants and each of us makes a small quilt for a secret partner. Imagine the logistics of getting all those quilters organized and matched up. The swap mamas are doing a fabulous job!

I’m thrilled with my secret partner! I know what I am going to make and got the inspiration from the favourites posted. I am very excited to begin and hope it will be well received. We send the quilts out at the end of August and in the meantime post about our progress in the flickr group.

This is the 2nd round that I’ve been able to participate in and it’s so much fun! The discussion groups are very active and hilarious

Here is the quilt I made for my partner last round. She was in the Netherlands

And this is the quilts I received from Mari:

There are some fabulous artists involved so it’s so fun to see all the wonderful creations.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

It as been a very busy month since my last post - but all good. I have been participating in the Red and Aqua Swap and these are the string blocks I made. I need to find my photos of the red and aqua pickle blocks and the others- they must be on the other computer.

The May swap finished and I got some lovely fat quarters from my swap partner and embroidery scissors and chocolate and a charm pack that I really love. My partner was in Kingston, Ontario. I sent some chocolate and fancy shoelaces, a swatch recorder and fabric. I also made her a pickle block because she has a blog named Pickle Block. This block is paper pieced and tricky to make. It was also the first block to be made in the red and aqua swap.

I also participated in the Porkchop fabric square swap. Flossie got this exchange organized Seven sets of women exchanged packages of 25 fabrics cut into 6 inch squares. So you end up wit 200 different fabrics. Now to decide what to do with them.

Poppyprint (Krista) suggested I go to the Lions Gate Quilters Quild Show in North Vancouver and it was amazing. The leaf quilt detail is from a quilt Krista made entitled Autumn Dyes - I love it. There were many outstanding quilts. This Salmon by Pam Cove caught my eye too. I was to meet Krista for the first time but she was always one step ahead of where people thought she was. Hopefully this week we will connect at the first meeting of the Modern Quilters Guild being held at a new sewing lounge called Spool of Thread.

I had two friends travel to Vancouver and I was so pleased to catch up with them. Catherine traveled from Burlington, she and I were in Planning school together and then we worked for while in Burlington on each others maternity leaves and then together in the Planning Department. It was great to exchange info and hear about each others children. My friend from high school Liz travelled from Ottawa and we had a great day - non stop chatting and laughing. Now that our children are mostly grown we are finding time for ourselves and looking forward to new challenges in the future, in the next stage of our lives.