Sunday, May 16, 2010

The "Before"

Our new house has a small room on the main floor off the living room and behind the dining room that I can use for my sewing and office. I debated if I should use one of the rooms in the basement or the spare room on the second floor or the nook at the end of the kitchen. This room won out because I can still be close to what is going on in the house, its warm and I can spread out into the dining or living area if need be but all the "stuff" can be put away out of sight - the most important criterion for Ian.

Here is the before picture.

Lots of stuff to put away, but I have done it and am happy with the layout.

The room is a sunny yellow and I have had bad reactions to yellow rooms - I think they are very pretty to look at but I don't feel right in them. However in this case almost all the walls are covered with "stuff" so the yellow just peeks out. We will see how it goes.

Will post about the "after" another day.

Crazy Hair Day

Totally Pat - "Best Day Ever!" he says.