Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is an amazing rose. It has been treated to have rainbow coloured petals. On some leve it is so artificial but Pat was fascinated by it so we bought one. It HAS been fascinating to see it open and have the new colours emerge. Its growing on me.

BUT how did the grower create this effect???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jennifer Paganelli - Generous Gifter and Fabric Queen

Jennifer Paganelli left a comment on my blog which surprised and pleased me no end and then - then - sent me 4 fat quarters of her beautiful fabric!! It arrived today and Pat volunteered to open the package for me - much tearing and tossing of paper ensured and then Pat said, Oh this is nice, you will like it and gave me the fabric. Yes, I like it. Yes, I LOVE it!! Now what to make with it - my head is spinning with ideas.

Jennifer designs Sis Boom for Free Spirit. Her designs are feminine and fresh and lend themselves for use in clothes and home decor as well as quilts. The fabric has a lovely hand - it feels soft and silky but is strong. This is fabric to stroke and dream over and will be a delight to sew.

Thank you so much Jennifer.

Picture to follow when I get batteries for camera...sorry

Happy Birthday Matthew

Matthew was born early in the morning on August 13 1984. Happy 25th birthday!!

With Matthew I started on the wonderful journey, voyage, safari experience of motherhood. He was such a beautiful baby who grew into an inquisitive creative child, a moody teenager and then blossomed into a very interesting man with eclectic interests.

It truly feels like just the other day that I marveled at his perfect amazing smallness and vulnerability and the infusion of love as I held him for the first time. Now I look up to his 6 foot 2 or is it 3 height and marvel at his capability, strength and intelligence and the love deepens.

Matthew is quick to remind me that I made all my mothering mistakes with him as he was my first born and he is right I did learn on the job. He is, however, his own person and for that I am so grateful and proud of him as he finds his way in the world.