Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is an amazing rose. It has been treated to have rainbow coloured petals. On some leve it is so artificial but Pat was fascinated by it so we bought one. It HAS been fascinating to see it open and have the new colours emerge. Its growing on me.

BUT how did the grower create this effect???


MJ said...

I have the same wishy-washy feelings about the rose too! It is amazing how creative people can be!

Saucy said...

My Granny used to do something like this with her peonies but I doubt it was the same method.

She would cut a white peony from her garden, and let it sit in food colour for a day, changing the colours every few hours. The colours would bleed up the stem and tint the flower.

She had a specific rotation of colours that she used and for the life of her, she cannot remember now (or so she claims)... but the effect was more striped than this rose.

I am also fascinated by it!