Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew

Matthew was born early in the morning on August 13 1984. Happy 25th birthday!!

With Matthew I started on the wonderful journey, voyage, safari experience of motherhood. He was such a beautiful baby who grew into an inquisitive creative child, a moody teenager and then blossomed into a very interesting man with eclectic interests.

It truly feels like just the other day that I marveled at his perfect amazing smallness and vulnerability and the infusion of love as I held him for the first time. Now I look up to his 6 foot 2 or is it 3 height and marvel at his capability, strength and intelligence and the love deepens.

Matthew is quick to remind me that I made all my mothering mistakes with him as he was my first born and he is right I did learn on the job. He is, however, his own person and for that I am so grateful and proud of him as he finds his way in the world.

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MJ said...

What a lovely tribute to your son!