Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DQS 9 Doll Quilt Swap Edition 9

The fun has begun! There are 200 participants and each of us makes a small quilt for a secret partner. Imagine the logistics of getting all those quilters organized and matched up. The swap mamas are doing a fabulous job!

I’m thrilled with my secret partner! I know what I am going to make and got the inspiration from the favourites posted. I am very excited to begin and hope it will be well received. We send the quilts out at the end of August and in the meantime post about our progress in the flickr group.

This is the 2nd round that I’ve been able to participate in and it’s so much fun! The discussion groups are very active and hilarious

Here is the quilt I made for my partner last round. She was in the Netherlands

And this is the quilts I received from Mari:

There are some fabulous artists involved so it’s so fun to see all the wonderful creations.

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