Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amsterdam Rotterdam - We Made It!

We have nicely settled in to our house exchange in Amsterdam. The flight here was uneventful and we met Devon with no problems at the airport although Devon's luggage did not make it and was delivered yesterday. At the airport we were assailed by World Soccer paraphernalia and Pat got an orange soccer ball. We watched the match between Netherlands and Brazil on the TV - lots of happy Dutch people with the result. On Saturday we took the train to Rotterdam to see the Tour de France prologue. It rained a bit but we had a good viewing site. Silly Pat would not let me take a photo of his face - I must have tried 30 shots and it made me laugh so much how quick he was. Rotterdam had lots of interesting buildings and development - Ian took the last photo. We had a good meal at Engels cafe. Lots of young people dressed in white were on the train going to the Ajax for a big clubbing party -they looked so energetic and fresh - we conked out while they were just starting their evening!

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Rafael's Mum said...

A very sporty start to your stay! Sorry it rained... but glad you had a nice time!