Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap #8

I am making a small quilt as part of a swap - I know who I am sending a quilt too but don't know who is sending a quilt to me from amongst the 160 swappers. People post a bit about what they like and post their progress on quilts they are making and its a fun (and funny) community of quilters. I am having a lot of fun creating a colour wheel quilt for my partner. I have admired the colour wheel quilt posted in Purl and did some research on dresden plate quilt blocks. I made a template from a book and guessed at how many strips to make and then I found this post from Kristen and she worked out the math - luckily I was close in my guesstimating. Wonder why I did not think about math to figure it out LOL. I love rainbows and enjoyed picking out fabric to try out. Luckily I had a good selection of scraps to choose from thanks to the Pork Chop Swap swap with some of the Old Red Barn Company quilters.

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