Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zig Zag and Wonky Quilt Along Status

I have finished the zig zag quilt top and a little border to go around it. It went together well and I love the dash of red and the flannel backing. It will be a very cozy quilt for Pat. I wanted to do a puffy quilt as per Pat's request and planned to make the quilt as a duvet cover but did not like how floppy the top was so I tried to quilt the top to the comforter but my machine could not handle that. So I have sandwiched the quilt with two thin layers of batting. Now to quilt it. I am still mulling over what kind of stitching pattern to do - straight line I think - but following along the zigs and zags. It looks great on Pat's new bed and with the IKEA fabric of his window valance.

Pat had a great deal of input into this quilt - both solicited and non-solicited!!! He wanted a cuddly quilt that was red ad white and black. I pulled fabrics from my stash and he discarded the "flowery" ones and kept telling me to pick the simpler patterns. We went shopping and he picked the red flannel which I think makes the quilt pop. I was going to do the zigs with a variety of fabrics but he wanted one fabric per row. Now that it is done I think all his choices were the right ones and it made the quilt his. I also love that he was so sure of his wishes - no going back - no second guessing - just clear direction - do this - do that. He also kept me going on the quilt with his enthusiasm and reminders to work away.

I hope to get the quilting done this weekend and the binding and washing next week.

The zig zag quilt is the Old Red Barn Company Quilt Along Round 2, Amy of Park City Girl led this round and provide an excellent tutorial to follow along. These virtual quilt alongs are great because I get my sewing done in "off peak" moments when real time classes are not run, but still can call upon or participate with other quilters from around the world.

Photos to be added here.

Round 3 is the wonky block quilt along led by Quilt Dad. He showed us how to make 3 different kinds of wonky blocks. The process is quite simple but I found this round challenging for several reasons. I wanted to finish the zig zag quilt first so my head would be free but it took me longer than I planned so I began to think about this quilt too much. I am using black fabrics for my son Devon and they are hard to see to sew together. And the big kickers - you need to be spontaneous to pick fabrics at random to make it up as you go along - that is very hard for me. I am a planner and I plan so I had to get over this. And lastly you have to cut off part of fabric that you have sewn - arrggh this felt like wastage of lovely fabric. I cut up some strips and hated how they looked - too random.

Two days ago I sat down and just willed my way through making blocks and made 5 and a half. I used wider strips of fabric and only 3 rounds instead of 4 or 5 but I really like how they are coming along and made 4 blocks today. I think I need to make 42 blocks for a queen size quilt top so I am nearly one quarter along. So many of the quilt along participants have finished and round 4 is about to start so I want to keep making blocks this week.

More photos to be added here

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