Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Dog's Life

Hi - I am sitting here typing away catching up on work in my home office - aka the living room floor with a big golden retriever on one side and a little shih tzu mix on my other side - each is blissfully asleep. I know that if I get up each will instantly awake - ready for a walk, a treat or just to accompany me to the kitchen - ready for anything. What great attitudes they have!

The little one is Betty Boop and the big one is Softie. Betty was hit by a van and badly injured - pelvis broken in 3 places. She has had surgery to put her back together again. She is so plucky - its day 8 following the accident and she is determined to get around even though her back legs are still weak and one is bandaged up. Whenever she sees you she wags her tail like crazy. If I had been in a similar situation I would be feeling sorry for myself and taking it easy - her attittude is so much better!

Softie is the ultimate chill out dog - and its contagious in a good way. If you are having a bad day he comes over and sits with you and a simple pat or rub around the ear and he is so happy that the good humour rubs off on you.

Research has shown that having a pet results in positive effects on human health and behaviour. I am appreciating that today - even though Softie seems to shed as much fluff and hair in a day that you could make another shih tzu out of it.

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