Monday, September 1, 2008

Enjoying BC

Cait arrived on Friday and we went to Steeveston and had a pleasant time walking around. On Saturday we went to the Trout Lake Farmers Market and bought more yummy produce and some beautiful creamed honey for Cait to take back to Waterloo. Don't the peaches look wonderful?

We also shopped Commercial Drive and Cait got a cool dress, sweater, jacket and hat. On Sunday we went to the Portobello Market which has 100 booths of artists and crafters. Cait scored a beautiful set of earrings and a silk sundress. Friends took us to the Richmond Night Market which was so much fun. There were lots of tents with all kinds of asian food and goods and entertainment. Cait again scored with a pretty neat pearl ring.

I found a Manchester United soccer shirt for Pat. I put it over his computer so he would see it when he woke up. He was so pleased -- Cait said he just stared at it in wonder when he woke up and then he came running to find me to see if it was truly for him. We had a very happy boy that did not complain too much about putting dishes away this morning!!!

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