Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Space

I have never had a space dedicated to my interests and have made do over the years. In 2007 when we bought our house in Toronto on Bellefair there was a tiny bedroom that I claimed and set up as a sewing room, office, place for my books, crafts and art supplies. It was painted a lovely light blue aqua ocean colour and had a big table and cupboard to store material. I hardly got to use it though since we were busy renovating and our move to Vancouver came up out of nowhere. In our much smaller house in Vancouver our third bedroom is now my space and the guest room but I am having a hard time getting around to using the space and have conveniently left the work surface covered. What is going on? I have quite a few quilts on the go, art projects ready to start and fabric to fondle but I am stalled. This weekend for sure (I hope) I will clear off my desk, put up the bulletin board, post my project list and start on inspiration images. The rest of the house is in good shape so no more excuses!!! Stay tuned.