Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas is Coming

It is a month to Christmas. Last year at this time I was thinking about moving to Vancouver and here we are all moved to Vancouver. The time has flown by and we are pretty well settled in our new home. The only place not sorted out is our laundry storage room which is where the Christmas ornaments are...somewhere there. This weekend's project will be to sort out the storage room and find the decorations. That will be a good incentive to get the work done. Then we need to find a place for a tree. Our new place is small about 900 square feet and so Pat keeps asking where will we put a tree. That is a very good question. Hmmm something creative needed.


Kimberly said...

Karen, I posted this reply to your question about Christmas decorating projects on my blog post, but wasn't sure if you would see it, so I'm posting it here, too:

Karen, I plan to make a couple banners. I will be featuring one of those as a tutorial (thank you for the suggestion! :) ). I also plan to beef up my stock wreath for the front door, put a new Christmas display on my trunk, figure out where I'm putting the old pair of white ice skates I got last weekend (for $12!! so cute!) and come up with cute Christmas card display.

I'm glad you asked because it made me sit down and actually decide what all I wanted to tackle this season. And I feel honored that you wanted to know!

Kimberly said...

What are your decorating project plans? Best wishes with figuring out where to put the tree! We don't have a big one yet (this is our 3rd Christmas together and we couldn't really justify the expense before...maybe we'll get one this year or in the after-Christmas sales), but I still struggle with where to put the little white one we have. They'll be pretty no matter where we put them, right!!

Yvonne said...

Hi Karen.....we had a wonderful holiday. I have to think about my decorations this year too. With a young cat in the house it should be quite interesting. :)