Tuesday, November 18, 2008

True Confessions

I would really love to read the Twilight series but I am afraid, very afraid, very very afraid. I read a novel in high school about vampires and it took a month before I could get the creepy fascination/fear to abate. This may even have been the novel that Tom Cruise movie was based on but I have so blocked this I cant really be sure.

I have picked the book up many times and put it down. But so many have read and raved about the book that I am sorely tempted. For you Twighlight lovers Lisa at Pumpkin Pink Cottage has a very creative blog and she has Twilight items on her cafepress store

Here is a link to her cafepress store



you can also check out her blog at http://pumpkinpinkcottage.blogspot.com/ as she is having a giveaway that closes on Nov 22 in honour of her 101st post.

Bonne chance


Saucy said...

I haven't read Twilight, either. I offered to get it for Loopy but she said "no" which I thought odd since she will read anything... and she lurrved Harry Potter. Hmmm.... she also says no to the movie this weekend so I am off the hook!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I promise this series of books will not promote any bad dreams at all only good, there is nothing scary at all about them and the first book is very hard to get into it took till the last two chapters before I was hooked the writer is simply fascinating at her detail and the way she makes vampires so beautiful,,,it really is a must read, I think truly better then any harry potter book or movie...and thanks for the link...I can't wait to see who wins...hugs, lisa...

tifferbob said...

Read it! The books are so well written. I just finished the first book in time to go see the movie and I started the second this morning.

Kimberly said...

I finally had to see what all the fuss was about, so I read the books in the space of about 2 weeks this fall. The only warning I would give you is that they are ADDICTIVE! I just could not put them down until I was done.

I do not do scary; that includes Halloween haunted houses, scary movies, ghost stories, none of it. I actually saw Interview With A (The?) Vampire a couple months ago and was pretty creeped out.

Yes, there are vampires in Twilight, but the family you are introduced to is different from most vampires and to me the focus of the books was more on relationships than it was on vampires.

There is a scary character in Twilight, but you don't really get vampire violence. People are hit and a couple bones are broken, but there's no graphic vampire yucky-ness.

The grossest part for me was in the 2nd book (New Moon, I think) when Bella the main character realizes what is about to happen to a group of unsuspecting humans. She is leaving the building as they are going in and she starts to hear screams as she leaves. That was the extent of it. There is a fairly graphic birth scene in the 4th book, but again that's not vampire violence.

I hope you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make!