Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 2009

Where has the time gone??? January has simply disappeared.

Cait has gone back to university and likes her new place.

Matt has flown out to London and has taken the train to Edinburgh. He called the english countryside scenery "ridiculously pretty." Mat is planning to get a job and work in Edinburgh for a year - what an adventure lies ahead for him.

Devon is staying with us and helping out with Patrick. I hope he uses some of his time here to learn to drive.

Patrick and Ian have been skiing/snowboarding on early dismissal Fridays and enjoying themselves. The snow has disappeared in Vancouver but condtions are great in the mountains.

We have cleaned out the laundry/storage room and made it more usable as an office for Ian. The last piece of work is to relocate the laundry appliances to our main bathroom and to the apartment bathroom and then we should be set. My fingers are crossed that it will work out.

Work has been very busy but I have found some time over Christmas and on the weekend to work on the quilt I have been making Caitlin. It started off as a twin size quilt but now she has a queen bed so I created some borders to make it wide enough. Thankfully I had some extra material and am pleased with how it is turning out. LOL I can't sew a straight line that is for sure - but I am so happy to be sewing again.

Still looking for our camera dock - when its found I can post some photos.

Today was a good day - Pat was thrilled to have a friend over, I made chocolate brownie cookies with almonds, and a really good sausage casserole from Happy Loves Rosie's blog and watched Waterhorse with Patrick this evening.

Oh my!! I just found an old blog entry where I had promised Cait to have the quilt finshed for Christmas - 2007 - hope I make Valentines 2009!! Here are some photos from October 2007 - showing the fabric and the quilt before the new borders have been added.