Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seeking Balance But Stumbling

Yesterday I did not get up off the couch...I was glued to the computer...Stumbling....

The night before all kinds of good resolutions were made about what I really wanted to do this weekend.
Read Inkspell to Patrick,
Call Caitlin,
Put some order into the craftroom,
Make a nice dinner,
Make valentines,
Do some baking,
Clean up the pile of stuff in the hall, and
Check out what is left to do in the office

I started off fine with calling Cait and read a chapter of Inkspell to Pat but he had to keep nudging me as I was so dozy. (Must be those 12 to 14 hour days at work) and then I just did nothin, nada, rien ... except stumble

Amazing how I could spend all day and night reading about the wonderful things others were doing that I would like to do and could do but I actually did nothing. Give my head a shake!!!


Yvonne said...

Some days are like that. :)

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....they are most appreciated.

Saucy said...

We all have days like that... sometimes you need to rest!