Sunday, March 15, 2009

Star Wars Supper

Matthew gave Patrick the Star Wars Cook Book II for Christmas and out of the blue Patrick wanted to make the Darth Malt. Delicious! Then we made Sando Aqua Monster Soup for dinner with Sith Slush to drink and Annakin's Apple Crisp for dessert. Pat did most of the preparation of the recipes and it was great to see him so focused and on task. We added udon noodles to make the soup a little more substantial for dinner. These are all "keeper" recipes according to Pat. I would agree. Great book for Star War Lovers of any age. This is also an especially great book for cooking with boys. The pages are plastic coated - how smart is that?!! Kudos to creators Frankie Frankeny and Wesley Martin.

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Saucy said...

Oh my gosh that is too funny... I gave my brother (Uncle Bug) Book I a few years back but I don't think we made any of the recipes ever, we just chuckled over it and it's probably on the shelf of my old room at Mom's house.

We are real Star Wars fans over here. Seriously. I wanted to wear my hair like Princess Leia for Grade 8 Graduation, but The Fan wisely talked me out of it.