Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bowen Island

It took us forever to get on our way on Saturday - housework, laundry, a god trip to Trout Lake Farmer's Market to buy herbs but around 2pm we were at Horseshoe Bay waiting for the ferry.

We arrived on Bowen island and visited the toy store where we bought bristol board for Pat's school project and a baseball bat. The storekeeper suggested we go to Tuscan restaurant for dinner so we made reservations and then headed to the beach. We explored the beach for a couple of hours. Pat went swimming brr brr and more brr but he loved it. Watched crabs scramble under rocks, found cool rocks and admired the driftwood.

Dinner was a delight. We got the chef's table which meant the table beside the serving counter next to the open kitchen. Christophe Langlois is the chef owner At first Pat was tired and crabby and hungry and complained that he did not like anything on the menu....then the kitchen staff plated several dinners for other guests and Pat asked the waiter what they were. He explained them and Pat chose homemade fettuccine pasta with mussels, oysters, halibut, scallops and pommodori sauce. It was huge. He was in heaven with every bite and kept sighing and exclaiming how good it was as he shoveled the food in.

We had a great bruschetta with avocado, cheese, tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had halibut on fettuccine with a saffron, asparagus and tomato sauce and Ian had a pizza and pernot. Everything was so delicious.

Pat had triple berry white chocolate creme brule and it was an educational experience. The chef showed the new kitchen staff how to use the blow torch and turn the dish just so to get the right level of "brule" Pat stood to watch and pronounced the dish perfect. The chef came over to speak with us and Pat gave him two thumbs up which made the chef laugh.

The chef told us he really enjoyed Pat seeing eating his dinner and that several other guests ordered the dish because Pat was so clearly ecstatic. (Pat also ate I/3 of my supper - must be another growth spurt)


MJ said...

Geez, I'm droooling. Pat's enthusiasm spilled over into your post! That creme brulee sounds divine!

Tamara Jansen said...

What's the name of this restaurant? It's sounds wonderful......I'd love to check it out :)