Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello Everyone

This is my second round of Club Little House and am so looking forward to this round. I am a crafter wannabee and have been inspired by the creativity of the fellow members. I work long hours at a job I adore and until recently longer hours on looking after my family but the nest has emptied with only our youngest Pat at home now. I've always loved sewing and drawing and done things for the kids but now have time (albeit little bits and pieces) to do something creative. Im new to blogging and some of the technical aspects slow me down but its been great to participate in blogland. I finished Saucy's very fun Zombie swap contribution last night and its on its way to my partner tomorrow. I can now get immersed in making my 12 littles. Its funny I see life size versions of what I am making everywhere now - sort of like when you are are pregnant it seems like there are so many more pregnant people around.


Saucy said...

You will love your time in Club Little House. Opening the package is like Christmas, your birthday and Valentine's day with the best boyfriend ever, all rolled into one.

Jo said...

Hi Kate! The littles I'm making is something I've wanted for my son's room for the longest time, but can never find in 1:1 scale! So I'm making it in 1:12 scale and making an extra one for us to keep;-)