Monday, October 27, 2008

Witch Sighting ---

There were 2 little pixies sitting in the pumpkin patch. The first one said: "Ohh my its getting late!" The second one said: "There are witches in the air... but we don't care!"

As soon as I saw the photo on Pam's blog header I knew I wanted to incorporate that image of her as a witch flying through the air for the Zombie Swap. (A good witch) Then she updated her blog heading with a new photo and I had to search deeply in her blog to find that image again - I found it - Phew!! and the other great images of her family. Her husband had a bit of mischief in his eyes which seemed perfect if she was flying in to give him a kiss. There are so many great photos of her daughters on her blog it was hard to chose but they do look cute in the pumpkin and so pumpkin pixies were created.

I was really reluctant to send a glass container in the mail and wanted to incorporate quilting so a shadow box format came about and it also speaks to Pam's scrapbooking interest. Pam's girls are young so I wanted something not too scary but that still reflected Halloween so pumpkin orange, gold, green and brown colours seemed right. I have not done much hand sewing for awhile so that was a bit challenging but I really enjoyed working on this and am glad to hear Pam liked it too.

I also really liked seeing what others have made and checking out their blogs. Pam for instance makes very beautiful jewelry ( and I love the potions that Pam made me and just can't thank Saucy enough for hosting this swap.


MJ said...

Thanks for popping past my blog and for your kind comment!

What a great idea to incorporate photos of your swap partner in your project! You must be quite competent at the computer to be able to get those images! The thought never crossed my mind!

It was fun to read about your creative process too! I'm glad someone else used the safer for traveling shadowbox!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I am so one-minded that I never thought out of the box like you & MJ. (Luckily my glass jar appeared to have made it in one piece). That is great you were able to incorporate her family-that makes it that much more special. Good job!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is just adorable!