Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks Devon

Devon came out at Christmas and has stayed with us to help out with Patrick while Ian and I worked. He has been a delight to have around because he is so easy going and has such a calming influence. He is also hilarious - he should write comedy because he can come out with a quip so fast and so unexpected you fall down laughing from the humour. Really.

Patrick has gained a spot in the school daycare and so Devon is returning to Toronto to seek his fortune or at least a minimum wage job. Definitely will be playing paintball and may breakdown and get a new vest. It will be black and have lots of pockets. He will not wear a coat unless its a serious blizzard but wears his vest year round.

Devon has taken such good care of Patrick and is stricter with him then we are and way more fun. Its amazing to hear him help Pat with homework and to see him teach Patrick how to behave and act responsibly - he was listening and taking to heart the things I said after all. He is a wonderful son and has grown up into a fine young man. He will be a great dad.

I miss him but am glad he is making his own way on his terms.

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