Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This Father's Day we went to a u-pick berry farm.

We picked very ripe and very small berries bursting with flavour.

I made rhubarb and strawberry jan and strawberry jam - neither of which set - berries were probably too ripe.

Also made strawberry Ice cream and crepes with strawberries, cream cheese and maple syrup and strawberry smoothies.

We had strawberries in our cereal and strawberries with milk and strawberries straight.



Treasuresofjoy said...

We must have went strawberry picking three times! We made jam and fresh strawberries too!!
You could use the jam to top ice cream and pancakes, YUM!

Saucy said...

Ooooh, jealous! Can't wait until ours opens, mid-July if I cross my fingers but everything is late this year. Plus the best berries come from the "second picking" in August, did you know that? Sweeter, they say.

MJ said...

Yum!! Fresh, fresh, fresh fruit!

I use Certo gel and have never had a flop! I tried Certo crystals but didn't like them! The Certo gel makes it so easy to make strawberry jam! We also sterilize the jars in water in the oven and then I put the jam in the jar while my dh is responsible for putting the lids on them! Teamwork helps lots and gets the job done quicker!

Anonymous said...

I seriously want some strawberries RIGHT NOW!