Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Week Three - Blocks

I have been sewing the strips and cutting the blocks this week. I made a trip to Fabric land and found some adorable red gingham fabric with ants that I thought would make a great border but when I got it home the red was too pinky - still a very cute fabric. But I also bought some green striped fabric that looks like a pretty good border contender. I will decide on a border when I have the top together.

Its been fascinating to follow the flickr group that Old Red Barn set up - so many people have joined and so many different quilts are being created. Truly amazing.

I am loving this!!!

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Megan of Sanourra Designs said...

Hi Karen- Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! With regards to sewing machines, some machines just "click," don't they?

My friend's grandmother has a machine that works wonderfully for her, but once anyone else touches it, it just doesn't work for them. She says she doesn't do anything special.

Sometimes we bond with our machines, and they bond with us. It was like that with my old car, until she finally gave up the ghost.